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A Supported Life

A Supported Life (ASL) offers adolescents and adults with an intellectual disability a wide range of support opportunities and residential options in their own community.

ASL is a niche provider, committed to offering a unique and flexible service style that arises from the individual's own aspirations and needs.

ASL offers both a residential and community inclusion/vocational focus in delivering support to those it serves.

Abilities Incorporated

Abilities is an Incorporated Society, established in 1959 to employ people with disabilities and provide work for them in as near normal conditions as possible.

As part of the normalisation of working conditions we employ able-bodied people alongside the disabled. Around 70% of our staff have a disability of some kind.

For over 50 years the Abilities Group has enriched the lives of people with disabilities through meaningful employment. Many hundreds of disabled individuals and their families benefit from the Abilities Group and having the opportunity to work.

With the employment opportunities offered, the disabled feel part of the community, their level of self worth increases dramatically and they broaden their capabilities. All this adds up to incredibly significant benefits to the person and family.

Our Vision: Enriching the lives of people with disabilities.

Our Mission: To achieve our vision by creating meaningful work opportunities for people with disabilities in New Zealand.

Able Pet Care

Able Pet Care is a registered charity and social enterprise that provides quality pet care services in our communities.

Our pet care team are people with a disability that are trained, capable, trustworthy people, keen to help you and your pet.

We provide services in Wellington, Auckland, Rotorua, Blenheim and Nelson.

Adaptive Technology Solutions

Trusted and experienced, Adaptive Technology provides a wide variety of flexible technology solutions, including assessment, products, personal technology shopper service and training!

  • Read print easily – for those with dyslexia, visual impairments and other learning challenges
  • Talk not type no need to type your letters, emails or other communications with voice dictation software
  • Personal technology shopper my knowledge, experience and approach will help you avoid being sold technology equipment you don't need or understand
  • Stimulate and retrain the brain moving forward from stroke, brain injury, cerebral palsy
  • Save time and money recreate those complex and large documents in just minutes with top-o- the-line OCR software

Agape Care

Agape Care is an inter-denominational Christian ministry based in West Auckland, providing residential and vocational services.

Butterfly Consultancy and Training

Develop | Impact | Change

Utilising real sector experience to increase the impact of social care and non-profit organisations by developing leaders, facilitating change and measuring outcomes.

CCS Disability Action

CCS Disability Action works in partnership with disabled people, their families and whanau to ensure equality of opportunity, quality of life and an environment that enhances full community integration and participation.

CCS Disability Action exists to make a difference for disabled people, their families and whanau by removing barriers to inclusion and by offering support to disabled people to access all ordinary opportunities in their communities.

Our community is made up of disabled people and their families and whanau, who live in New Zealand. We include all people who face barriers to inclusion on the basis of disability and who want to access the disability support services we provide.

Creative Abilities

Creative Abilities is a social services organisation that was established in 1996.

Based on the North Shore, we provide 24-hour supported flatting and day services, with a focus on lifestyle normalisation.

The Creative Abilities team is a dedicated group of people, who work alongside people with physical and other needs.

Services are funded by the ACC, and the Ministries of Health and Social Development.

Our aim is to create, with our clients, a friendly, stimulating, happy and comfortable environment. which leads to full and rewarding lives.


Framework delivers community based mental health and intellectual disability services in greater Auckland from strategic locations throughout the city.

Among non-government agencies, it is a leader in adopting an integrated approach to its delivery of services.

Paramount among these services are vocational skills and supported employment, and supported education and training.

Gift Centre

GIFT (Growth In Faith Together) is a not-for-profit organisation that works for the growth and development of people who have an intellectual disability.

Attention is given to all aspects of life. In addition to normal growth and development programmes for the intellectually disabled, GIFT also focuses on the spiritual dimension of life and active participation in Church life.



The service is contracted and funded by the Ministry of Health to supply accommodation, care and community support for people with an intellectual disability.

Currently GIFT operates two houses – Gift House and Sinclair House and is situated at 26 and 28 Telford Avenue, Mount Eden, Auckland.

The Residential Service provides short and long-term residential stays for adults with intellectual disabilities. There are facilities for up to 11 residents.



As part of the spiritual dimension of life, GIFT has special Religious Education Programmes on the First and Third Saturdays every month. The Programmes are open to Intellectually Disabled people from other residential care organisations or home care.



Hearing Association (Auckland)

The Hearing Association (Auckland) is a non-profit organisation self-funded by its members and from other sources. We are a registered charity (since 1932) dedicated to helping and advising people with impaired hearing.

Our mission is to enhance the wellbeing of all people who suffer hearing impairment.

Hohepa Homes Trust Board

Hohepa's mission statement is to establish and maintain homes, schools, organic farms and workshops in New Zealand for the care, support and education of intellectually disabled young persons and adults based on the principles and teachings of Rudolf Steiner, consistent with government policy and within financial constraints.

IDEA Services Ltd

IDEA Services provides residential, vocational, behaviour support, supported employment, supported living and other support to people with intellectual disabilities throughout New Zealand.

Independent Living Service Charitable Trust

The Independent Living Service (ILS) promotes generic disability information and advisory services across the Auckland region, with retail stores of assistive products in Royal Oak and Botany (307 Te Irirangi Drive, Botany South), and online shopping at

Additional services include:

  • Access audits
  • Accessible conference facilities for hire
  • Asian disability information and advice
  • Free professional information and advice
  • Lottery grants mobility scooter assessments
  • Mobility equipment hire
  • Project management and research
  • Training and consulting


IRIS is a charitable company, wholly owned by the Cerebral Palsy Society.

IRIS works with people of all ages, from infancy through to old age, who have a health concern, physical or intellectual disability, or injury.

IRIS provides rehabilitation services (including physiotherapy, OT, art and sport therapies), home-based support services and 24-hour residential living services.

We work alongside people, supporting them to be 'the very best they can be'.

LIFE Unlimited

LIFE Unlimited is a charitable trust that has been operating in the disability sector in the Waikato for over 27 years.

The majority of our services are provided free to eligible people.

While some services have a local focus such as our disability resource centres in Hamilton, Gisborne, Tauranga and Rotorua, others such as Hearing Therapy are provided throughout New Zealand.

We also provide Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination in the Wellington and Tairawhiti areas.


We have two residential homes in the Warkworth area, providing 24/7 care for people with an intellectual disability.

LIFEWAY Homes is a Christian trust which aims to provide a family environment.

Lifeworks 4 Me

Lifeworks 4 Me provides a home-based after-hours service and specialises in career counselling.

Richard has had a professional association with people with disabilities for three decades.

He designed Poly-Emp Employment Service (93-96) and has served on the committee of the Justice Action Group for People with Disabilities since 2005.

Richard was a founding member of ASENZ and has a Diploma in Teaching People with Disabilities and a Graduate Diploma in Career Development, and has been on the CDANZ Committee (Auckland) since 2006.

Matea Trust

Matea Trust is a private charitable trust, which provides residential support for people with intellectual disabilities, in two homes, one in the town of Orewa, the other on a rural block in Dairy Flat, just north of Albany, both are on a bus route. We provide living conditions as close to family living as possible. The Trust also offers carer support. On the Dairy Flat site, we also provide employment opportunities for men with intellectual disabilities in our firewood business. We also offer work experience opportunities to students preparing to leave school and enter the workforce. Part of our philosophy is to promote our clients into a participating role in the community to enable them to be as independent as possible, to enjoy their rights as New Zealanders and to live as normal a life as possible.

MS Auckland Region

We cover the greater Auckland region from Rodney District in the north to Counties/Manukau in the south.

MS Auckland Region provides free services to all people who are affected by MS.

Whether you have lived with MS for several years, have been recently diagnosed with this condition, or you are a family member, friend, caregiver or co-worker of someone who has MS, we are able to help you.

Based on the North Shore, we offer information and education about MS and have a wide range of support services designed to encourage and assist people with MS and their families to enjoy positive, active and healthy lives to their full potential.

Mt Tabor Trust

Mt Tabor is an intentional community that provides live-in support through a 'living-with' model for people with intellectual disability

Muscular Dystrophy Association

Muscular Dystrophy Association of NZ (MDA) provides free up-to-date information and support and advocacy for people with neuromuscular conditions and their families/whanau.

We provide education and information to health professionals, employers, teachers, friends etc.

The MDA facilitates a support network. The information service includes a resource library and information on all aspects of living with specific neuromuscular conditions in New Zealand.

We have branches throughout the country and field-worker services covering most areas in New Zealand.

There are many different types of neuromuscular conditions. We cover the muscular dystrophies, spinal muscular atrophies, hereditary neuropathies, congenital myopathies, myasthenias, myotonic dystrophies, metabolic diseases of muscle and inflammatory myopathies.

NZCare Group Ltd

NZCare is committed to giving people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to be supported with dignity and respect.

To help achieve this, we provide a variety of residential services to people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities.We also provide services such as specialist physical disability services, respite and transdisciplinary services.

Our business is quality: Quality of life for our clients, delivered through quality services by quality people.

Ranfurly Care Society

The Ranfurly Care Society promotes the spiritual, physical and intellectual well being of people with an intellectual disability.

We stand as an advocate in the community, working for an environment that is protective, caring and educational; offering choices, promoting social contact and building a sense of achievement.

Ranfurly Residential Home has been providing services for people with an intellectual disability since 1992.

The Ranfurly Residential Home provides 24-hour support for permanent residents, as well as offering short-term respite care for caregivers with intellectually disabled dependents.

Residents are encouraged to develop a realistic level of independence based on their individual capabilities and to participate as much as possible in normal everyday activities.

Our objective is to create a family/whanau environment where residents and staff can interact with one another in a homely atmosphere.

As a family/whanau organisation, the Society has an 'open door' policy that encourages family/whanau and friends to visit at any time and they are welcome to participate in any aspect of Society life.

The home-like environment allows resident interaction and the building of friendships while also pursuing individual interests.

Renaissance 2001

Renaissance is a dynamic and innovative company providing support to people with lifestyle challenges.

Our personally-tailored Supported Living and Supported Housing services offer the practical support needed for a good life, while facilitating and maintaining as much independence as is possible for the person.

Renaissance has, at its core, a philosophy of empowerment and inclusiveness.

We provide support by information and inclusiveness.

We provide support by informing people of the choices and options available, so that they can make their own decisions as much as possible.

Richmond Services Limited

Richmond is a Non Government Organisation that provides community based mental health and disability support services nationwide.

It was established in New Zealand in 1978 and is affliliated with many other organisations worldwide as part of the international network of Richmond Fellowship.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that people with mental health and disability issues can live full and rich lives in the community.

We strive, in every aspect of our work, to ensure our services are person centred, outcomes focused and evidence informed.

Sharon Brandford - Consultant on Disability Support

Sharon Brandford provides advice and mentoring for service teams reviewing how well they can support people with intellectual disabilities and additional support needs related to ageing, challenging behaviour and/or mental health concerns. Supervision, mentoring and training related to the above is also provided.

Spectrum Care

Spectrum Care is an independent charitable trust that provides services for children, young people and adults with disabilities and their families.

Our services include 24-hour support for people living in residential homes throughout the Auckland and Waikato regions, respite care for adults in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty, and respite care for children in Auckland.

Spectrum Care also offers specialised Home Support, Behaviour Support and Aspirations services for people in the greater Auckland region, along with a  School Holiday Programme of activities for children.

We've also recently launched a Choice in Community Living programme, supporting people with disabilities into their lives of choice in the community.

TalkLink Trust

The TalkLink Trust provides specialist assistive technology services to people, who due to a disability or injury, have difficulty speaking, writing, accessing technology and controlling their environment. The team is trained to match the specific needs of the person to appropriate technology.

Services include: assessments to identify options, equipment trials to evaluate potential solutions, training and support with using technology and implementing communication strategies and support with funding applications for assistive technology.  TalkLink also provides information and courses on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and Assistive Technology.

Te Roopu Taurima O Manukau Trust

Te Roopu Taurima O Manukau Trust is the largest kaupapa Maori service provider for intellectually disabled people and is an accredited and certificated service provider.

We aim to provide our mokopuna with a quality of life so they can live as individuals with a range of choices that lead to self-empowerment or rangatiratanga through tikanga Maori values and principles.

Cultural support is provided by our kaumatua, whaea and kaimahi, and through local kaumatua and kuia.

Whanau contact and participation in decision making is actively sought, encouraged and maintained and mokopuna lives are enriched through involvement with whanau and the community.

The Puhinui Homes Trust

The Puhinui Homes Trust provides residential support and community participation for people who have an intellectual disability.

Totara Farm Trust

Totara Farm Trust provides residential support services for adults with an intellectual disability.

Vaka Tautua

Vaka Tautua is a charitable organisation that aims to help improve the health and wellbeing of Pacific people in New Zealand.

We provide community support for older peoples, people living with disability and those needing support for mental health.

Vaka Tautua is a national 'by Pacific, for Pacific' health support service provider.

We run community programs and services that provide support especially to our older peoples, those living with disability or those seeking support for mental health.

We also offer shared management services to a number of smaller groups and trusts and have a history of strong Pacific community and health sector engagement.

Since 2009, we have been fully accredited with Telarc SAI QHNZ against the EQUIP4 Standards.

We want to support Pacific older people, people living with disability and/or mental illness to pursue their lifestyle choices.

Our programmes aim to encourage families and communities as a whole to respect, promote and safeguard the rights of our service users within the health and disability sector.

We are always striving to find innovative and creative ways to lead the on-going development of health and disability support services for Pacific people.

We aim to promote non-discriminatory practices and to bring positive change to the lives of our service users.

Vision Pacific Charitable Trust

Being persons with disabilities ourselves, we work one-on-one with you to achieve your plan to live as you decide in the community.


We work with people who are facing personal or health challenges and support them to return to or stay in employment

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