Getting Down to Business: “The Deep Quality” Leadership Challenges

This workshop is a must for those looking to embrace and lead change that is informed by the Enabling Good Lives Principles

1 day

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      Though it is hard to find anyone these days who is not in favour of the goals of person centredness and individualisation, it is striking how many people being supported in such arrangements do not reach their potentials in life. Part of this kind of shortcoming arises from many faulty assumptions about what it actually takes to enable people to have good lives. This, in turn, is also influenced by the the inability of many to turn goals into actual practices that make a difference. Fortunately, much of this kind of practice can be learned and eventually mastered to some degree, but only if such opportunities are made available to people. This session will look at many quality challenges and indicate what has been achieved already as well as what remains to be achieved.

      Michael Kendrick is an independent international consultant in human services and community work. His interests include leadership, service quality the creation of safeguards for vulnerable persons, innovation and personalised approaches to supporting people. He has worked across disability, mental health and aged care fields. His work regularly takes him to the UK, Netherlands, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. He has occupied a number of roles in both the public sector and with NGO’s.

      Michael joins us in a series of workshops following his involvement as a keynote speaker at NZDSNs annual conference in Wellington 



      • Christchurch - Monday 15 August
      • Dunedin - Thursday 18 August 
      • Auckland - Friday 19 August 


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