Preparing Organisations for a Changing Environment

Preparing Organisations for a Changing Environment - Building Resilience A focus on: Engaging and responding to Government Tendering Processes, strategic thinking and business development

One day workshop

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      This one day workshop will offer advice and guidance in preparing for and responding to Government tendering processes and the kinds of strategic thinking and business planning that organisations need to do in a rapidly changing environment. These workshops will appeal to Providers funded by MSD as well as the MOH.

      Part One ( 9.30 - 12.30 )

      Hear from Leil Setchell and Rod Hale ( Causatum) about:

      • Key steps in the tendering process
      • How responses are evaluated
      • Typical content that respondents will be asked for
      • What roles and skills are required when responding
      • How to prepare
      • Some big "do's and don'ts"

      Organisation participant will have the opportunity for a one-on-one session by appointment during the afternoon. Participants will be contacted to organise and appointment time.

      Part Two ( 1 - 3.30 )

      Hear from organisations :

      • who have already, or are beginning, to make important strategic decisions about their future
      • about changes they are making to their business models and why.

      These are organisations who are already responding to and /or anticipating a changing environment.


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