Enabling Good Lives Workshops – in association with NZDSN and the EGL Leadership group

" Embracing and Leading Change" These one day workshops are a major opportunity for Providers to engage with EGL and to get a sense of what EGL means

One day Workshop

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      These one day workshops will run across the country and are a major opportunity fro Providers to engage with EGL and to get a sense of what EGL means for:

      • organisational development and system transformation
      • renegotiating relationships with people using services
      • being truly person driven and what this looks like in practice

      The workshops will hear directly from disabled people, families and providers about transformed lives and transformed / transforming organisations, informed by EGL principles.

      Workshop content will:

      • explore the EGL principles in practice
      • facilitate strategic thinking about the future in order to lead change
      • provide strategies for enrolling management, staff and boards
      • provide tools and strategies for organisational change
      • provide tools and strategies for person centred and directed practice.

      The workshops run from 9.30 am to 4pm with lunch and refreshments provided. 

      NZDSN members cost  $ 65.22 (ex GST)

      Non members cost $152.17 (ex GST)

      Workshops are free for disabled people and family members

      Following the workshops, participants will have the opportunity to join a Community of Practice group to share and continue their development in the EGL space.

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