” From Day Programmes to a Good Day”

The workshop will be presented by Daniel Leigthon - CEO of Inclusion Melbourne. Inclusion Melbourne is a day support provider that began the journey to personalised services in 1990, sold its centre in 2008 and now delivers all supports within the community

One day workshop

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      This one day workshop will outline the process Inclusion Melbourne underwent to redevelop their traditional participation and inclusion programmes, to personalised services that occur within the community. The workshop will challenge providers to:

      • look critically at whether or not their programmes are enabling their clients to live a good life
      • to think outside the square and
      • to proactively re think the approach they take to providing services to their clients.

      The workshop will cover the challenges and pitfalls involved in radically rethinking the approach to participation and inclusion programmes and offers suggestions for overcoming them.

      The workshop is a repeat of the successful workshops that NZDSN ran in May.

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