Engaging Pasifika EP Live Workshop – Disability Focussed Workshop

Two Engaging Pasifika Cultural Competency programme deliveries will be taking place in Auckland in November

1-day Workshop

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      Two Engaging Pasifika Cultural Competency programme deliveries will be taking place in Auckland next month:
      • Thursday 24th November 2016 – Open workshop to mental health and public health workers in Auckland
      • Friday 25th November 2016 – Disability focussed workshop open to disability workers in Auckland
      The programme is New Zealand’s Pacific cultural competency training programme focusing on better engagement between health and disability services and Pacific people and their families. It has been developed primarily for non-Pacific or mainstream health and disability, public health, mental health and addiction workers in DHB’s, non-government organisations, and support services, and is appropriate for people at all levels including frontline workers, administrators, clinicians, managers and leaders. The programme focuses on the essential cultural skills and knowledge required to work effectively with Pacific people and their families, and includes the following components:
      • EP Online – an engaging, interactive online module which all learners are required to successfully complete in order to participate in live training
      • EP Live – a full day cultural immersion workshop facilitated by a team of expert Pacific knowledge holders
      EP Ethnic Specific – Post-training support and resources provided via Ethnic Specific online modules
      Thursday 24th November 2016
      Friday 25th November 2016
      Open workshop
      (Public Health, Mental Health & Addictions)
      9am – 4:00pm
      Harakeke House, Rangitoto Room
      15 Ronwood Ave
      Manukau City
      Disability focussed workshop
      9am – 4:00pm
      Harakeke House, Rangitoto Room
      15 Ronwood Ave
      Manukau City
      Reply to this email or send an email to enquiries@leva.co.nz to express your interest to attend the appropriate workshop. Information regarding online registration and access to the online module will be emailed to you. Spaces are limited so get in quick! The workshop will be cancelled if we don’t reach the minimum number of registrations 3 weeks prior of workshop delivery date.
      For more information or check out the following website http://www.leva.co.nz/training-careers/engaging-pasifika.

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