Micro Enterprises – From Theory to Action

Facebook was once just an idea!’ The how and why of setting up micro enterprises Presenter: Tony McLean – Imagine Better This one day workshop has been created for those who are interested in supporting others to become active and contributing members of their communities and society at large. If you are interested in rolling up your sleeves and getting down to action, this event is for you.

One Day

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      For many people obtaining and maintaining paid employment is a considerable challenge. While we believe this pursuit should not be abandoned, we have also seen such great, life changing success with people creating their own work- creating their own business.

       What is clear is that few of these people would have ever been able to achieve the results they have, alone. They have all had, at least one committed and dedicated person, who has been their primary ally. This event is delivered from the perspective of what is required of the supporters, the allies, the staff, and the agencies. It has a great deal of very practical application and will give the participants clear direction on their next steps when returning to work the following day.

       Workshop content will cover:

      •  Why create a business?
      • What is a micro –enterprises vs a hobby / interest?
      • Where to start?
      • Creating the business idea – the seed from which it grows
      • What is required of the entrepreneur, you and others?
      • Finding the necessary human resources
      • Legal considerations and business structures
      • Common problem areas
      • Presentations from successful business owners

       The workshop will involve, theory, individual, small and large group discussions

      Workshops run from 9.30am to 4pm with lunch and refreshments provided

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