DAA Group – Mastering Information & Measurement: Less is More – Wellington

PLEASE NOTE RATES APPLY TO ATTEND THIS COURSE Quality Seminar – November 2018 Mastering Information & Measurement: Less is More

1 day event

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      Nowadays we are bombarded with data via the media and the internet. We have access to sources of data from an increasing number of IT programmes. There is also increased demand to access and review data for our KPIs and to meet the Ministry, your board and stakeholders needs. The famous saying of Dr Edward Deming "Without data you are just a person with an opinion" becomes more and more the reality we have to adapt to. Does this tsunami of data allow us to make better decisions in the care we provide to our clients? What strategy do we need to master this phenomenon that is increasingly dictating our world? Maybe the secret lies in turning Deming's phrase around to "Without an opinion you are just a person with data!"

      The morning presentation will provide a theoretical basis of the strategies needed to make decisions about what you need to know and we will apply these strategies in the afternoon workshop. You will learn to sift through data effectively so that you make better decisions and improve.

      Jan Weststrate will bring his expertise to a day of learning complemented by presentations and workshops by the DAA Group that support continuous improvement in your organisation. Jan Weststrate, Director of Care-Metric, is a quality improvement consultant with extensive international experience in nursing, research and education.


      • Wellington Monday 5 November James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor
      • Christchurch Tuesday 6 November Sudima Hotel Christchurch Airport
      • Auckland Friday 9 November Novotel Hotel Auckland Airport

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