Effective Employer Engagement Training Webinar (6,8,10,13,15 July)

This virtual and interactive, five by one-hour modular programme equips you and your team with a systematic approach to employer engagement.

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      The Return of Effective Employer Engagement Training – but not as we know it!


      Since we last hosted this training there have been some changes – the Given programme is now offered by a company known as Prospert. The content has been refreshed and is now offered as a webinar – 5 one hour sessions over a two-week period. The trainer is Paul Diviny who comes highly recommended by Rex Eagle (previously from Given and who is working in association with Prospert).

      Introducing Paul Diviny

      Paul is a B2B solution sales expert with over 30 years' experience in sales, marketing, sales management, and general management roles.  Paul has led large B2B sales teams in employment services, banking, and superannuation.  He consults to ASX200, multinational, Government, Not for Profit, and medium to small enterprises.   Paul's business - Prospert - includes training, strategic consulting, coaching and mentoring.  Visit www.prospert.com.au for more information.

      Effective Employer Engagement: Course Introduction

      This virtual and interactive, five by one-hour modular programme equips you and your team with a systematic approach to employer engagement.  In a rapidly changing labour market where unemployment is set to soar honing your skills in this area has never been more relevant.

      For front line teams, participants learn to initiate and maintain stronger relationships with employers that build tenacity and optimism in your business. Participants work through an online, interactive presentation and comprehensive 'how-to' manual, including valuable strategies, tools, and exercises.  Small teams work collaboratively on exercises between modules.  Skills acquired are immediately deployable and regular debriefs on skill attainment occur throughout the modules.

      Course Content - Effective Employer Engagement

      1. Module One - Participant learning objectives, employer engagement prerequisites and introduction to the Prospert Seven Step Employment Engagement Framework.
      2. Module Two - Targeting relevant employers and comfortably and effectively approaching them to arrange meetings.
      3. Module Three - Engaging employers remotely, building rapport to uncover job opportunities and analysing jobs on offer.
      4. Module Four - Presenting candidates professionally and gaining commitment by confidently handling employer objections.
      5. Module Five - Maintaining and keeping employer relationships in tough times.

      Courses are limited to a maximum of 15 participants due to the Webinar format.
      The course fee is $300 + GST and meets the criteria for the MSD Training Fund. There are two courses to choose from:

      Course one: Starting July 6 and then July 8, 10, 13 and 15.  Register by June 29

      All Webinars will begin at 11am on these dates.

      You will be contacted the week prior about some pre-course information along with the Webinar link

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