Effective Employer Engagement Webinar (03, 05, 07, 10, 12 August)

The Return of Effective Employer Engagement Training (03, 05, 07,10, 12 August)

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      This virtual and interactive, five by one-hour modular program equips you and your team with a systematic approach to employer engagement.  In a rapidly changing labour market where unemployment is set to soar honing your skills in this area has never been more relevant.

      Course Content - Effective Employer Engagement

      1. Module One - Participant learning objectives, employer engagement prerequisites and introduction to the Prospert Seven Step Employment Engagement Framework.
      2. Module Two - Targeting relevant employers and comfortably and effectively approaching them to arrange meetings.
      3. Module Three - Engaging employers remotely, building rapport to uncover job opportunities and analysing jobs on offer.
      4. Module Four - Presenting candidates professionally and gaining commitment by confidently handling employer objections.
      5. Module Five - Maintaining and keeping employer relationships in tough times.

      This third course is also limited to a maximum of 15 participants due to the Webinar format.
      The course fee is $300 + GST and meets the criteria for the MSD Training Fund.
      This third course is to Start August 3 and then August 5, 7, 10 and 12 
      All Webinars will begin at 11am on these dates. 
      You will be contacted the week prior about some pre-course information along with the Webinar link


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