Employment Support Peer Clinics Friday 26th March 12:00-1:00pm

Employment Support Peer Clinics Friday 26th March 12:00-1:00pm

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      Employment Support Peer Clinics Starting Friday 26th March 12:00-1:00pm
      NZDSN in association with Prospert Training would like to invite employment support staff to participate in an online Employer & Job Seeker Objections Clinic. This is an exciting opportunity to access expert advice and peer group discussions, on how to overcome the difficult issue of objections.

      While the Clinic is an ideal complement for the Effective Employer Engagement (EEE) training programme, it is open to everyone that is experiencing issues with employer or job seeker engagement, and would like an opportunity to have their specific issues addressed. 

      A Panel of experts led by Paul Diviny and Rex Eagle (details below) will be complemented by a small group of handpicked practitioners who have completed New Zealand based EEE programmes over the last 12 months. 

      An initial Clinic is being held on Friday March 26th from 12noon-1pm (on line) 

      We are looking to hold these on a regular basis possibly every 2 months

      You are invited to submit objections in advance and during the session. A mixture of employer and jobseeker issues are welcome. 

      All scenarios and objection handling discussions will be, respectful and anonymous and occur in a collegial environment.

      This is your opportunity to get expert and peer driven advice for tackling those difficult and challenging scenarios.


      Each clinic addresses different scenarios, and live guest appearances from industry sector experts, Regional Managers, employment consultants and equivalent).

      Participants are encouraged to contribute to scenarios / solutions in real time discussion.

      After subscribing you discover that you cannot attend this session, then you will be sent a link to the recording.


      The aim of the Clinic is to provide participants with advice, strategies, confidence and a range of responsive comments that can be added to their objection handling tool kit.

      This learning opportunity qualifies for reimbursement through the MSD training Fund 
      Apply for reimbursement through the MSD Training Fund Here 

      COST: $99 + GST

      Following registration, you will be sent a link for the session and an email Address to send in your questions.

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