Get answers to your COVID vaccination questions!

Get answers to your COVID vaccination questions!

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      What happens from the 16th November?
      Find out between 10am and 12pm on Thursday 11th November 2021.

      Join NZDSN for this live webinar opportunity to ask questions about what happens next. 

      • What happens to disabled clients who don’t have a support worker? 
      • What happens to staff who are unvaccinated? 
      • What about unvaccinated disabled clients? Or their family members? 
      • Can I decline a service?

      NZDSN is joined by Jessica Taylor from Buddle Findlay Lawyers, and Rachel Mackay from the Ministry of Health.  Rachel will focus on the Mandate Order and interpretations between 10 and 11; while Jess will focus on employment-related issues and queries from 11 til 12.

      This is a free event, but you are required to register to get the link.

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