Auckland Regional Networking Meeting 5 October 2022

You are invited to Auckland’s first ARN Summit! Accessibility: Beyond Intention Working Together for Change through Korero

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      Introduction: NZDSN works to promote, encourage, support and represent members in regard to the provision of high-quality equitable disability services and support for disabled people and families throughout New Zealand to enable good lives. We aim to see an inclusive New Zealand where all disabled people are valued, their human rights are promoted and protected, and they are enabled to maximise their potential as citizens.

      Venue: Auckland University Epsom Campus, 74 Epsom Avenue, Auditorium/6EB-113
      Parking: Disabled Parking use Gate 3; Able Parking use Gate 2.

      Please wear masks inside the venue

      Accessibility: Beyond Intention Working Together for Change through Korero

      We have all experienced when good intentions themselves are not enough, and we want to see actions that fully embody the intention.

      We want that for accessibility.

      Our Core Planning Group (15 people: Providers, Disabled People, Whanau, Auckland Disability Advisory Panel) are inviting you to a collective korero to discover together what strengthens accessibility – taking it beyond intention into action. We are inviting Providers, Disabled People, Whanau, members of the 2019 – 2022 Auckland Disability Advisory Panel, representatives from Whaikaha, Auckland City Council and local ministerial bodies, to ensure everyone is at the table and part of the solutions we will be co-generating together.

      The Summit will happen over two half-days: 5th Oct and 23rd Nov

      Knowing that every question we ask changes things, and can change the system itself – our Core Planning Group have designed tailored questions to discover and appreciate:

      • What is the best of what already exists?
      • What else is possible?
      • What is our positive core?
      • What can and should be?
      • What sustains and inspires?

      Please request the invitation if you need more details:


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