Assistive Technology Suppliers New Zealand (ATSNZ)

Assistive Technology Suppliers New Zealand (ATSNZ) is a society made up of a cross section of manufacturers, equipment suppliers and service providers who work throughout New Zealand.
ATSNZ’s objectives are:
1. To give rehab suppliers a voice that: A. Has a positive influence on Government policy through a representative, unified approach. B. Educates Government and other stakeholders about our industry. C. Promotes a robust, competitive and commercially viable marketplace.
2. To improve the quality of equipment provision by: A. Supporting the ongoing training and education of Allied Health Professionals and prescribers. B. Promoting ethical business practices that safeguard the interests of the end user. C. Participating in the development of appropriate and cost-effective product standards.
3. To develop alliances with all industry stakeholders to: A. Drive continued improvements in outcomes for end users. B. Minimise the total lifetime costs of equipment. C. Ensure an open, fair and competitive market

Name: Ingrid van Rijn
Address: 29 Triton Drive, North Harbour, Auckland
Phone: 021 118 3822

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