Auckland Council’s Long-Term Plan (ACLTP)

Auckland Council’s Long-Term Plan (ACLTP) – Consultation with Disability Support Providers and Disabled People/Whanau they work with: Tuesesday 12th March 2024 at 11.30am.

  • Martine Abel-Williamson (co-chair of Auckland Disability Advisory Panel) and Sarah Paterson-Hamlin (Whau Local Board Member + previous CEO of the UpsideDowns Education Trust) will be coming together to share with us the key disability issues and considerations regarding the ACLTP.
  • The aims of this online hui are to:
    • Become better informed with pertinent information relating to disabled people/whanau and the disability sector.
    • Be in a well-informed position to make a personal/organisational/collective submission to Council, and/or to advocate with your Local Board office.
    • Register here for this event by Friday 8th March.
  • We will send you a short information brief prior to the consultation, as well as the link to the Online Hui.