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3DHB Equity Initiative COVID-19 Counselling Fund

What is the counselling fund? COVID-19 has had a big impact on disabled people’s lives, routines, and mental wellbeing. If you have been affected by COVID-19 and would like to access counselling or other mental wellbeing support services, you can apply to the DHB for funding to pay for it. Who can apply to the …

Life after school: what’s next?

Presented by: Imagine Better and NZDSN Typically, graduation from college is an exciting time of life. It is a time of exploration, adventure, growing independence and fun. However, for many young men and women with disabilities and their families, it canbe a time of great vulnerability, uncertainty and worry. Despite years of foreknowledge, invested resources, …

NZDSN News Update July 2nd 2020

In this update: Health and Disability Review Report Special Interest Groups National Symposiums Upcoming Provider Development Events Employment Support Diploma Qualification Employment Support Contract Advice to MSD Election Forums AGM and Auckland Network Meeting Go with Tourism Recruitment Platform Workforce development Website refresh COVID 19 – lessons learnt and new ways of working Regional Provider …

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About Us

New Zealand Disability Support Network (NZDSN) is an incorporated society of member organisations which provide support to disabled people.

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What We Do

  • We provide a strong voice to government on matters of policy, service design, and legislation.
  • We promote innovation, quality services, research, and deliver a Provider Development Programme.
  • We ensure good communication with members, and support for regional networks.
  • We contribute to government working parties and reference groups.
  • We contribute to government working parties and reference groups.


We host a range of events to facilitate the sharing of knowledge within the disability sector.

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Our Services

Provider Development Programme

A series of workshops and training events showcasing best/next practice and innovation. Two workstreams are tailored for leaders and direct service staff. The programme also includes communities of practice and leadership mentoring opportunities, and is informed by an analysis of NZDSN member needs.

NZDSN Conferences

NZDSN hosts conferences that attract a wide variety of international and national keynote speakers and workstream presenteres covering the latest developments and innovations within the sector.

Regional Networks

NZDSN supports a series of regional networking activities providing opportunities for information sharing, which ensures providers are well-connected across the regions.

Workforce Development

NZDSN contributes to, and leads initiatives to develop and improve qualification pathways with the disability workforce as well as advocating for fairer remunerations.

Research and Quality Development Projects

These include things like the development of practice guidelines, and policy research.

Become a Member of NZDSN

NZDSN members belong to a values-driven network of service providers and supporters committed to a social change movement that is focused on achieving inclusive lives and active citizenship for disabled people

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