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Health and Safety Governance Training Opportunity for Board Members and CEOs 2024

NZDSN secured a contract to provide free health and safety training for a limited number of disability support service providers.

Under the HSAW Act, Board members and CEOs have a duty to be aware of the requirements of the Act and how the health and safety systems work in their organisation.  This information briefing and following workshop will enable you to meet those requirements with confidence.

Participation in the online information briefing and following workshop has been sponsored by Whaikaha, so is no cost to you.  But numbers registering for the workshops are limited to 30, on a first-in-first-served basis. This programme is facilitated by Mike Cosman, please see his bio by clicking Here

Limited spaces so Register Now for the below briefing and workshops.

NZDSN Conference 2023

Missed our 2023 conference in Wellington?  You can still catch up on much of the content

Auckland Council’s Long-Term Plan (ACLTP)

Auckland Council’s Long-Term Plan (ACLTP) – Consultation with Disability Support Providers and Disabled People/Whanau they work with: Tuesesday 12th March 2024 at 11.30am.

  • Martine Abel-Williamson (co-chair of Auckland Disability Advisory Panel) and Sarah Paterson-Hamlin (Whau Local Board Member + previous CEO of the UpsideDowns Education Trust) will be coming together to share with us the key disability issues and considerations regarding the ACLTP.
  • The aims of this online hui are to:
    • Become better informed with pertinent information relating to disabled people/whanau and the disability sector.
    • Be in a well-informed position to make a personal/organisational/collective submission to Council, and/or to advocate with your Local Board office.
    • Register here for this event by Friday 8th March.
  • We will send you a short information brief prior to the consultation, as well as the link to the Online Hui.

Regional Networking Meetings

Please see the following dates and times for the regional network meetings being held throughout New Zealand in 2024.
These meetings provide a great opportunity for local providers to connect and network with others in their regions.
These are placeholder notices for members to save these dates, times and locations in your diaries for the Regional Networking Meeting being held around New Zealand.

Please book for these events here www.nzdsn.org.nz/events


Auckland Regional Network meeting:

2024 Auckland Regional Network Meetings

Venues will be confirmed closer to the meeting date.

Any Queries please contact Kristi: aucklandproviders@nzdsn.org.nz

Photos from Auckland Collective Strategy 2024 APEC Team Workshop – 15th November 2023

Lower North Island

2024 Meeting dates will be published once finalised.


Please contact Adam.Dade@northable.org.nz for updates and more information


2024 Meeting dates will be published once finalised.


2024 Meeting dates will be published once finalised.


2024 Meeting dates will be published once finalised.


All meetings are Wednesday from 1pm – 3pm, at the Barcelona Room, St John of God, 26 Nash Road, Halswell, Christchurch 8025

Please contact Henrietta on cantdpn@gmail.com for updates and more information


2024 Meeting dates will be published once finalised.

Any queries regarding the above events should be directed to admin@nzdsn.org.nz or 04 4734678