Discovery and Customised Employment

I am pleased to announce that on Friday 30th September NZDSN has secured the services of Milton Tyree, a USA leader in the delivery of Discovery/Customised Employment training, to run a day’s workshop for employment practitioners in Auckland.

It will be particularly suited to those working with jobseekers with learning/intellectual disability.

Numbers are limited to 30.

Applications to attend can be made via the NZDSN MSD training fund – see here

You will include your unique reasons to be included – to help I provide a bit of context below:

Timing and venue details being worked on.

First come, first served but good to know demand in terms of forward planning and considering similar regional events in the future.

  • Providers of employment support in Aotearoa New Zealand work to practice guidelines that identify that ‘access to secure employment is a high priority for disabled people, not just because of the increased financial security it can bring, but because of the difference it can make to people’s health and wellbeing.
  • Paid work really matters and may be considered essential for a good life! Yet for disabled people the employment participation rate is half that of the general population.
  • People with higher levels of impairment are even less likely to be employed and the thought of employment may not be even considered by family members or support services.
  • Under Enabling Good Lives demonstrations, we know that employment can be an achievable option if we consider how to draw on people’s strengths and interests and have flexibility about how resources can be harnessed.
  • We are developing capability locally including through a level 5 diploma which draws on international leaders to assist with this process.
  • MSD has a senior policy person looking at the value of and our capacity to deliver customised employment.
  • The workshop will focus on Discovery/Customised Employment. Discovery is a process of devoting time with people — discerning their interests related to work, conditions needed for being at their best and contributions that may be offered to employers. Customised Employment connects a job candidate’s conditions, interests, and contributions with business needs — opening the door to good employment for many people previously considered unemployable, as well as those whose employment options are profoundly limited by labour market job opening. The provider workshop will examine the role of the job supporter regarding instruction and support of the employee with a disability as it is one of the most challenging dilemmas to be resolved in Open Employment.
  • This is an opportunity to build the capability of the Employment Support workforce and to build belief and knowledge in families (at a separate event on the Saturday) who may be considering how their loved one can achieve employment as part of their life of choice.
  • It is a timely opportunity particularly as the principles and flexibility afforded by government’s commitment to rolling out Enabling Good Lives gets closer.

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