Employment Initiatives

In line with NZDSN’s strategic goal to enhance the development of the disability workforce, the role of the National Employment Services Co-ordinator is to provide oversight of NZDSN’s contracted work programme with MSD, policy advocacy in relation to disability employment and support services, and liaison with the disability employment provider network.  Three initiatives are the immediate focus of this role:

  • Diploma in Employment Support

NZDSN has partnered with MSD and Careerforce to develop this Level 5 qualification as a response to the needs expressed by providers of employment support services that we need to build workforce knowledge and capability. Co-led by Grant Cleland and Gordon Boxall, the qualification has recently attracted a third cohort of trainees across mental health, disability and Work and Income. See marketing details here

Please contact grant@creativesolutions.co.nz or gordon@weavingthreads.com if you have any questions.

Newsletters will keep NZDSN Members informed of progress

  • Employment policy to practice

The all-of-Government’s Action Plan Working Matters included the development of the above qualification building on the success of the NZDSN Employment Support Practice Guidelines (the Guidelines) that were co-produced with disabled persons organisations, funders and providers.

NZDSN is leading a review of the Guidelines five years on, ensuring they remain relevant, fit-for-purpose and aligned with best practice in an Aotearoa New Zealand context. This will commence early July 2022.

Please contact grant@creativesolutions.co.nz or  gordon@weavingthreads.com if you have any questions

Newsletters will keep NZDSN Members informed of progress

  • Coordination of employment practice

NZDSN has committed resources to support members to connect regionally, share good practice, collaborate and present a united voice to influence funders and policy makers.

Please contact  gordon@weavingthreads.com if you want more information or to be connected to your regional group.

Ultimately, all employment initiatives are designed to build the capacity and capability of NZDSN members so more disabled people can access employment and develop careers.