If There’s Money For Landlord Tax Cuts, There’s Money For Fair Pay For Disability Workers

Disability support providers are calling on the Government to show the same support for disability workers as it does to landlords, says Disability Support Network CEO Peter Reynolds.

“The pay equity settlement for care and support workers has been frozen for months, with the Government saying it can’t afford to fund it. So, imagine our surprise to see the Government find $3b for landlords. That’s more than enough to deliver pay equity for the 60,000 care and support workers.

“Our workers are not multi-millionaire mega-landlords, but that doesn’t mean they should be forgotten and ignored by this Government. Hundreds of thousands of disabled Kiwis and their whanau rely on the help they get from care and support workers.

“Disability support providers want fair pay for our workers, which they deserve, and will help to ease the chronic staffing issues many providers face. But our funding comes from the Government, so pay equity can only be delivered if the Government stumps up.

“The excuse that the Government doesn’t have enough money doesn’t hold water. If there’s enough money for tax cuts for landlords, there’s enough money for disability workers to have the fair pay they deserve. It’s time for the Government to deliver,” says Mr Reynolds.

Peter Reynolds
Chief Executive Officer