AJ Day Options Trust

Organisation Details

AJ’s provide support to adults with an intellectual disability within the area of Christchurch. AJ’s mission statement is “A quality lifestyle through meaningful activities and community involvement.” AJ’s support each individual to achieve the goals they have identified through the AJ’s My Goals procedure. AJs Performance Outcomes: • AJ’s aim to provide a relaxed low key facility based environment that enables people with intellectual disability to develop their confidence and skills at their own pace • AJ’s provide people the opportunity to feel they are contributing to their local community by being involved with work contracts from local businesses • AJ’s provide support for people to have the opportunity to be involved in local community based recreational activities of their choice. • AJ’s encourage people to be as independent as possible while involved in activities of their choice.


Name: Jim Sullivan
Address: 426 Tuam St. PO Box 32 107 Linwood, Christchurch 8147
Phone: 03 374 9830 or 027 223 0935
Email: jims@ajs.org.nz
Web: www.ajs.org.nz

Disability Types

  • Cognitive/Intellectual


  • Canterbury

Services Provided

  • Community Participation