Atawhai Industries Trust




Since the Trust started operating in 1987 we’ve learned a few things about helping people with disabilities to live an ordinary life. One of the keys to helping clients is a simple one. When someone walks through our doors, we don’t see their disability and what they can’t do, but what they can do. That’s an attitude the community needs to take on. In many ways, it’s about giving people a chance and that’s what this trust is all about.

For clients who access our services we are a stepping stone into employment, community-based activities, skills/personal development and more. I’m very proud of our staff, both past and present, who recognise that everyone has the potential to do something in the way of work, or developing social skills which develop pathways to employment and the community. We don’t put people in cotton wool or treat them with kid gloves; people are people. We don’t treat people differently because they have a disability. Nor do they want us to.

Name: Steve Hales
Address: McLean Street, Strandon, New Plymouth 4312
Phone: 06 758 0397