Progress to Health




Organisation Details

With expertise in mental wellbeing, Progress to Health supports people to grow the possibilities and opportunities in their lives. We place an emphasis on supporting and developing a person’s strengths. The support provided reflects what the person wants to do and how they want to do it. Being flexible, inclusive, responsive and passionate about the work we do, we can help develop a personal plan and suggest activities, training and events that will help the person being support achieve. All Progress to Health services are underpinned by the Code of Health and Disability Consumers Rights (the Code). If a person want to find employment, we can support with CV development, interview preparation and in some instances, in-work support. If a person is ORS funded and aged 16-21, we can support them to develop a transition plan, finding work experience opportunities and/or supporting them into further training and education. Other types of support include physical well-being activities; craft and hobby groups and creative/recreational pursuits or sports; links to people who have similar experiences; and up to date and accessible information, education and resources.


Name: Karen Covell
Address: PO Box 19082, Hamilton, 3244
Phone: 07 838 0302