Organisation Details

Supported Individualised Lifestyle Choices (SILC) is the service arm of SILC Charitable Trust, an independent trust with the primary aim of reinforcing and enhancing the contributions people with disabilities make in their communities.

SILC achieves this by being of service to people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities or whose disability has been acquired as a result of an illness or the onset of a degenerative disorder anytime before the person reaches 65.

A holistic approach recognises that a person’s personal network − including family, whanau and friends − is an integral part of an inclusive quality life and, therefore, is valued and included in a partnership to ensure people’s aspirations are achieved.

We do this by providing a continuum of support options within the framework of both Residential and Supported Living contracts (as defined by the MoH) and we provide these services in Tauranga.


Name: Tony Marsden
Address: 97 Eleventh Avenue, Tauranga 3110
Phone: 07 571 1262