News Update 31-05-2021

Vaccination roll out information and Q&As from The fortnightly disability vaccination Engagement Group Meeting

There is a pool of $2 million that has been established to fund projects that would increase access, uptake, support informed consent and information dissemination to New Zealand’s disabled community.  The funding application documents are now live on the Ministry of Health website and can be found here:

Explore Specialist Advice NZ has developed a new resource built to assist people and families who might need extra support and strategies to have a successful vaccination experience and which also compliments the SDM information and tools. This is a great piece of work that has been completed in a very short timeframe.  This resource is now live and can be found here:

A reminder that you don’t have to wait for the DHB to contact you about processes that bring vaccinations to people – you can support people to use community vaccination sights, ensure there is support for SDM and informed consent (a “mainstream first” approach) but be aware that these sites vary considerably in terms of wait times and approaches to “walk ups.” There is no requirement to provide proof of disability, such as a medical certificate. This means people can decide for themselves whether they live with a disability, using the definitions on the Ministry website.

Q and As:

Question: It appears there are bad queues at the Whangarei vaccination site early this week  – and there’s only one site in the city. Are there plans for a second site?
Answer: the focus now is on the launch of GPs, Pharmacies and Maori Health Providers rather than further large vaccination sites. These provide a more comfortable and familiar setting for individuals. The first of these are going live shortly.
Question: Counties Manukau DHB: some people with health conditions have not been contacted and/or are experiencing barriers in identifying themselves as disabled – is there a process for those with a disability in Group 3?
Answer: For underlying health conditions we are working with the national team on a register and this will support invitations and engagement. They are appointing a disability lead who will be starting in a week or so.
Question: No mobile vaccination centre in Counties Manukau – very long wait times, doesn’t cater for disabled people. Are there plans to have a special line or process for people with a disability?
Answer: Auckland metro have the first 16 GP practices which will be live by the end of this month. These will provide a more comfortable and familiar setting than the large Vaccination Centres. They are also looking to open two more large vaccination centres and are currently scoping a number of potential locations for this.
There is work going on to set-up a new supplier panel for all suppliers of interpretation, translation, transcription and communication services for people with disabilities, people who speak Te Reo Māori and those within Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities with linguistic barriers to accessing information in English.

Applications for the first round are open until 11 June. Information can be found here GETS | Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet – Translation, transcription, alternative formats and contents production services panel

Kia tu tahi tatou
From the NZDSN team