Notification on the Mandatory Order change

Clarification on how to apply the new Mandatory Vaccination Order (from the MoH)…

Our workforces Health and Disability sector

If you have been vaccinated with your primary course on or before the 26 August 2021, you will need to have received a booster vaccine by 25 February 2022.

For people vaccinated from 27 August 2021 onwards, you will need to receive a booster shot within six months – remembering that you can get this done (which we recommend) anytime from three months.

Please note boosters can only be administered to people 18 years or older.  For those under 18 years, they should not get their boosters until they reach 18 years of age.

Scenario examples

Meena is a paid caregiver for her Mother who has a brain injury.  Meena had her first dose on the 15 May 2021 and her second dose on the 30 June.   Meena will be required to get her booster by the 25 February 2022, mandated deadline.

Georgie is a Radiologist in a private practice provides both public and private services.  She is covered by the Vaccinations Order.  Georgie had her first dose on the 10 of November 2021 and her second dose on the 14 of December. Even though the mandated date for boosters is 25 February 2022, Georgie is not required to get her booster, she must get it by the 15 June 2021 (six months after her second dose). She can however book in to get a booster anytime from the 15 March 2022 (three months after his second dose) which we recommend that she does.