Kaupapa Mahi Tahi ki te Whakawhanake Kaimahi Workforce Development Collaboration Projects

In line with NZDSN’s strategic goal to enhance the development of the disability workforce, we have contracted with the Ministries of Health and Social Development and with Careerforce, to undertake four key initiatives in relation to Disability Workforce Development.
NZDSN is principal fund holder for an exciting range of initiatives designed to build the capability of the disability sector workforce.  See a full summary here and in Te Reo Māori here

Project One – Level 2 to 4 Certificate Curriculum
Facilitating a collaborative effort to develop future-focused Enabling Good Lives-informed curriculum and delivery models for the certificate level 2-4 Health and Wellbeing qualifications as they relate to the disability support workforce.

Project Two – Level 5 Diploma in Health and Wellbeing – Behaviour Support strand
Facilitating a collaborative effort to develop a positive behaviour support specialist strand to the level 5 diploma qualification in Health and Wellbeing.

Project Three – Leadership for Service Transformation Programme
Continuing delivery of the Leadership for Service Transformation Programme aimed at embedding Enabling Good Lives-informed practice across service providers.

Project Four – Enabling Good Lives Principles video training resource
Produce a high-quality video training resource that illustrates effective provider implementation of each of the Eight Enabling Good Lives Principles from the perspective of disabled people and families/whānau.

NZDSN Members are participating in the project teams supporting the work.

Please contact the project manager if you have any questions at bennford@inspire.net.nz

Newsletters will keep members informed of progress.