NZDSN Sector Briefing 2020

Enabling Good Lives Sooner Rather Than Later 
Where To From Here?

The last year has seen some emerging uncertainty about the prospects of System Transformation as a national roll out of a completely re-designed disability service system informed by the Enabling Good Lives (EGL) principles. It is clear from earlier cabinet papers and official advice that Enabling Good Lives and System Transformation have always been regarded by officials as a strategy for cost containment and a means of avoiding more fundamental (and expensive) reforms.

NZDSN Sector Briefing 2016

Transformation Inclusion and Citizenship

This year’s Sector Briefing emphasises the need for transformative change that can truly support the agenda for inclusion and citizenship – an agenda that the sector is committed to pursuing. Again, it is our intention that the NZDSN Sector Briefing will highlight the most pressing concerns, promote sector wide dialogue and lead us closer to solutions that enable providers and government to better support the aspirations and lives of disabled people and their families/whanau.

NZDSN Sector Briefing 2015

Investing for Innovation and Quality

There are a range of issues and concerns that are currently making it difficult for providers to achieve the outcomes that everyone in the sector, including disabled people, are seeking.

There is broad consensus that disability support services should provide:

It is our hope that this sector briefing will highlight the disability sector’s most pressing concerns, promote sector wide dialogue and lead us towards solutions that improve the lives of the people we seek to support.