Not One Size Fits All

Practice workshops for those involved in transitioning young people with disabilities from secondary school to the next stage of their life

1 Day

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      Event description

      These workshops will:

      • showcase two providers and two secondary school’s approach to transition for young people with disabilities from secondary school to the next stage of their lives
      • take the view that transitions cannot be the same old same old but need to be new, co-designed, co-developed and co-delivered with young people
      • challenge you to think differently about how transition occurs. Partnering with schools, community and families all under the direction of the young person, so that they can and do create citizenship
      • explore how different conversations with young people are having vastly different outcomes and how working with community is creating amazingly different opportunities
      • be of interest to all those organisations and secondary schools who work with young people with disabilities to achieve successful transitions.

      Speaker Profile

      Speakers from Geneva Elevator and Yes Disability will outline how they work in the transition space, showcasing their approach to assisting young people with disabilities to make successful transitions to the next stage of their lives.

      Speakers from two Auckland secondary schools will showcase their work with students with disabilities and the approach they take to transitioning young people to the next stage in their lives.

      Relevant ‘ Real Skills’ from the Lets get Real Framework

      • Working with young people with disabilities
      • Working with families and whanau
      • Working with communities
      • Challenging stigma and discrimination, and promoting value

      Break Times During Workshop:

      • 10:15am - Morning Tea
      • 12:15am - Lunch
      • 2:15pm - Afternoon Tea


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