Implementing Person-Centred Practices – Level One

Do you want people who use services to have positive control over their lives? If people are to have self-directed lives within their communities, then those people who support them on a daily basis need to have person-centred thinking skills. Level one training is open to anyone in the sector wishing to learn about Implementing Person Centred Practices and is a prerequisite for Level 2 training.

One Day Workshop

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      As a result of completing this course you will be able to:

      •  Separate what is important to someone from what is important for them and how they want to be supported
      • Capture what people appreciate about the person
      • Discover what is working and not working in a situation from different perspectives, leading to actions plans that make a positive difference in people’s lives
      • Record how someone communicates using a communication chart
      • Use the Decision Making Agreement
      • Decide which person-centred thinking tool to use to develop a one - page profile into a person-centred description (or support plan)
      • Identify what core responsibilities are and where you can use creativity and judgement
      • Mindfully record learning by using Learning logs and 4 + 1 tools
      • Build personalised services in collaboration with the people you support.

      Workshops run from 9.00am to 4pm with lunch and refreshments provided.



      Please note:

       Registration for these workshops needs to be completed by Monday, March 13 in order for you to receive your eLearning password. The eLearning module needs to be completed prior to attending the training.

       We will be offering level 2, targeted at managers and supervisors in late April / early May.

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